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ERA is a registered credit rating agency

In connection with the adoption of new regulation of credit rating agencies in the European Union, the EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s., in 2009, began to transform to a rating agency according to rigorous requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (ES). This process implied many changes in the process and analytical-methodological field, which led to specialization of the agency on issuing ratings for regulatory purposes. The registration process of the agency under the new regulation was completed in July 2012. The ratings issued by EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s. can be utilized by all parties on the financial market and state institutions as an officially accepted instrument for risk evaluation across the whole European Union.

In 2009, new rules for credit rating agencies operating in the EU area came into effect. These rules include requirements for organizational, staffing and technical management of activities of credit rating agencies. Also to implement multiple control mechanisms to prevent conflicts of interest, disclosure information, and more. EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s. obtained the status of registered credit rating agency based on a comprehensive assessment of compliance with the regulation of its activities by a national supervisory authority of the financial market - the National Bank of Slovakia. The regulatory authority at the EU level is the European Securities and Markets Authority based in Paris (ESMA), which oversees the EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s.

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