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EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s. is managed according to principles beyond the mandatory requirements provided by regulation of rating agencies. The goal is to maintain trustworthiness of its ratings and exceptional quality of services.

Nothing is more important for the members of the EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s. team than the following values

  • Independence
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Profile
  • Communicability

None of the managers or employees of the EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY Ltd is a member or formal sympathiser of any political party in any country. The Agency cooperates with a broad spectrum of organisations and institutions. Political and transactional independency is one of the basic principles of the EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY Ltd.

Creating long-term business relationships is only possible by respecting and maintaining moral and ethical values. All members of the Agency are former employees of companies and enterprises where there is no doubt about their correctness. The Agency also guarantees the correctness of its employees.

Respecting ethical principles is a good prerequisite for establishing a correct business relationship, but not the only one. Emphasise is also put on the high level of professionalism and expertise of ERA team members.

Bearing in mind the nature of the Agency's activities, great demands are put on the Agency's independence, the submitting and sustaining of chief factors and other relevant factors, and the development of one's own opinion is made on the team members of the EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY Ltd. These are the main driving forces of the professionalism of individual experts.

Conflicts of interest represent one of the key issues in the "new Europe". We pay great attention to this part of our business. In order to shelter us from any kind of conflict of interests, the Agency keeps its product structure and profile as transparent as possible. In this respect, the Agency exceeds European standards. Neither the Agency nor any of its employees are involved in any other business activity that could be classed as a conflict of interests.

A strong focus on communication is an essential requisite to providing services to the required quality and structure. Communication is carried out in the agreed way and in the case of more difficult non-rating projects the European Rating Agency Ltd offers a common communication platform in the shape of the steering committee for special projects.