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Slovenská ratingová agentúra, a.s. (Slovak Rating Agency joint stock company) has changed to EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s. This change expresses the expansion of geographical coverage of the agency to new European markets.

Slovenská ratingová agentúra, a.s. changed its business name and registered office to EUROPEAN RATING AGENCY, a.s. , Uršulínska 3, 811 01 Bratislava by registration in the Business Register performed on 7 August 2007.

ERA is a rating agency focused on markets of Central, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. the ERA's customers gain access to experience and resources in other European markets and may also transfer their experience to markets on which the agency operates. This is the essence of added value of any international cooperation. By this incorporation, the contact numbers (telephone and fax) as well as all of the e-mail addresses remain unchanged.